Hướng đi mới

A new approach The Saudi Arabia's King has completed half of his one-month Asian trip. Apart from the objectives of economy and influence expansion, this special trip has shown a new diplomatic approach at a time when (in the context that) skepticism about the relations with its closest ally, the US, emerges. Starting on Feb.… Continue reading Hướng đi mới


Pháp “xoay trục” về Châu Á

Thế giới và Việt Nam, số 13 (30/3-5/4/2017) France to pivot to Asia A month before leaving  Élysée Palace, French President Francois Hollande spent his last trip from 26-29 March as Head of State to three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. According to the observers (The observers hold/ believe that) with this trip, President Hollande… Continue reading Pháp “xoay trục” về Châu Á

Dấu mốc lịch sử trong quan hệ hợp tác hữu nghị Việt Nam – Nhật Bản

A historic landmark in friendly cooperative relations between Vietnam and Japan At the invitation of President Tran Dai Quang, the Japanese Emperor and his espouse have paid the first official state visit to Vietnam. This important political event has contributed to promoting the development of the traditional friendly relations and comprehensive strategic partnership for peace… Continue reading Dấu mốc lịch sử trong quan hệ hợp tác hữu nghị Việt Nam – Nhật Bản


Dialogues instead of Confrontation Mar. 5, 2017 In a positive development, Pakistan and Afghanistan have said the two countries are discussing on/ are discussing a way/ a mechanism to deal with terrorism. The two sides have affirmed that/ are of the view that terrorism is their common enemy and cooperation is needed to deal with… Continue reading CHUYỆN THỜI SỰ


An inspiring ASEAN 50 years of age Over the past 50 years, ASEAN has become the common home of those who share many common similarities. ASEAN has been created the image and inspiration for small and medium size countries because the Association has been able to develop their own identity in a constantly changing world.… Continue reading TUỔI 50 TẠO NGUỒN CẢM HỨNG


The increasing tension in Sino - North Korea relations The Chinese Financial Ministry has said China will impose a ban on coal import from North Korea from February 19 to December 31, 2017. Beijing emphasized that this decision is to enforce UNSC’s resolution 2321 to impose a sanction on Pyongyang for its nuclear tests. China,… Continue reading QUAN HỆ TRUNG-TRIỀU TĂNG NHIỆT

Where is Latin America heading?

Mỹ Latinh hướng về đâu Where is Latin America heading? The economic stagnation of Latin America and Caribbean is getting/ falling into middle income trap What is a danger is that this situation has going on / dragging on at least 40 years in almost all countries. The economic policies being inconsistent, incompatible with global… Continue reading Where is Latin America heading?