Pháp “xoay trục” về Châu Á

Thế giới và Việt Nam, số 13 (30/3-5/4/2017)

France to pivot to Asia

A month before leaving  Élysée Palace, French President Francois Hollande spent his last trip from 26-29 March as Head of State to three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. According to the observers (The observers hold/ believe that) with this trip, President Hollande had desire to (aimed to) play up the importance (attach/ raise/ appreciate the role) of not only the South East Asia but also the whole Pacific-Asia in French foreign policy.

Looking at (Given/ Reviewing/ Seeing) the events and results in each nation he visited, it can be said that this trip has indicated (presented/showed) Hollande’s commitment to promoting relations between French and Asia, at a time when international affairs are witnessing many dynamic development following the inward-oriented policy of US President Donald Trump.

As a matter of fact, right at the beginning of his term, Mr. Hollande has drawn his attention towards Asia and has made visited to this region, particularly the visit to regional major countries such as China, India, Japan and Australia as well as small countries which has multifaceted cooperation with France, including the Philippines, Vietnam and recently Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Particularly, the decision to visit three South East Asian countries has demonstrated that apart from big economies, France is mindful of small and medium-size countries as these countries hold great potentials and importance to France.

The lion country – Singapore is one of the world’s largest port and has the fourth highest GDP globally, with service sector accounting for 60% GDP. In the meeting with Malaysian PM and Minister of Defense in Kuala Lumpur, the air craft trade will certainly be a common matter of concern between two sides. Indonesia is both the most populous Islamic in the world and an economy which has great demand in infrastructure and maritime information system, and France is the leading nation in this aspect.

Hollande’s term as French President is believe to get poor performance in terms of domestic affairs, when France had to face up with high unemployment rate, a stagnant economy and the rise of terrorism. However, regarding foreign affairs, he has laid the foundation for the revise (resume) and improvement of relations with Pacific-Asian region, where the world’s fastest growth rate is recorded (achieved). (he has laid a great legacy to his successor)

Despite a short time and limited resources compared to his counterpart, President Obama, it is believed that steps (moves) taken by Mr. Hollande is pivoting (turning/ bringing) the country to Pacific-Asia. For the time being, his pivoting policy will create more interest to the upcoming presidential election. Arguably, regional countries all expect France to elect the leader who can follow the diplomacy policy that has been nurtured by Hollande.


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