Dấu mốc lịch sử trong quan hệ hợp tác hữu nghị Việt Nam – Nhật Bản

A historic landmark in friendly cooperative relations between Vietnam and Japan

At the invitation of President Tran Dai Quang, the Japanese Emperor and his espouse have paid the first official state visit to Vietnam. This important political event has contributed to promoting the development of the traditional friendly relations and comprehensive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia between Vietnam and Japan. The trip has also increased mutual understanding between the two nations and met the aspirations of the people of the two countries.

Japan is the country consisting  of archipelagos in the North West of the Pacific basin, off the coast of East Asian continent and covers an area of 377,944 km2, with the population of 126.86 million (Dec. 2016). “The Sakura country”  consists of more than 6850 islands, including the four largest ones, occupying 97% the whole area: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, under the 1947 Constitution.

Japan follows/ adopts monarchy, under which the Emperor is the symbol of the nation and the figure who can rally/ unite the nation. Since coming to reign/ coming to the throne in 1989, the Emperor and his espouse have visited 47 Japanese provinces, cities and various remote islands as well as 57 countries including 26 official visits.

With the strong determination, the devotion to serious/hard learning and innovations, Japan has risen from the ashes/ruins of war and become one of the leading nations at the world. Japan at the same time has regained its international standing and has become an active member at international economic, political and social forums. Japan ranks first in science and technology and is the world’s third largest economy, with thousands of billions of annual GDP.

Under the reign of the Emperor and his espouse, Japanese people have built a firm unity. The Coalition government between Liberal Democrat and Justice Party headed by PM S. Abe since 2012 has basically maintained the country’s political and social stability and is recovering economic growth and endeavoring to rebuild the area damaged by the earthquakes and tsunami. The Abe government has also carried out policy aimed at national interest and raising Japan’s regional standing.

Vietnam and Japan are both situated in the Asia-Pacific region and share many cultural similarities. The two countries have carried out exchanges in culture and trade for a long time, which has laid the foundation for the robust development of bilateral relations in the later years. A turning point was made in Vietnamese-Japanese relations when the two sides established diplomatic relations in 1973 and since then the relations have developed constantly.

We have noticed with pleasure that, this state visit has taken place in the context that the comprehensive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia formed in 2014 is successfully and comprehensively developing in various aspects of economy, politics, diplomacy, security, defense, agriculture, labour, etc, in the spirit of mutual understanding and respect as well as mutual benefit in cooperation.  The two sides have made regular high rank visits at all levels to consolidate/ cement political trust. Japan is now an important economic partner of Vietnam (Dec. 2011). It is also the leading ODA provider (accounting for 30% ODA to Vietnam), the second largest FDI partner (with the investment of more than $42 billion, accounting for 15% FDI to Vietnam) and the third largest tourism partner as well as ranks fourth in bilateral trade with the turnover of about $29.7 billion in 2016. The cooperation in other sectors such as science and technology, education and training, culture, sport, tourism, environment, different level meetings, etc have achieved fast and substantial development. Vietnam and Japan have cooperated well in multilateral forums such as the United Nation, ASEAN, APEC, ASEM, the Human Rights Council, etc.

The Japanese Royal family supports the promotion of the friendly cooperation between Japan and Vietnam, with focus on cultural exchange, the typical of which is the Ceremonial music in Japanese and Vietnamese palaces, the promotion of people-to-people contacts with a view to increasing mutual trust and understanding between two countries’ people.

Warmly welcome his and her Majesty to Vietnam, it is strongly believed that the trip will end/conclude fruitfully, marking a new milestone in friendly and cooperative relations between two countries. The trip will create motivation for further enhancing bilateral relations to develop in a comprehensive and substantial manner in the interest of two countries’ people and contribute to peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world.


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