beyond description

F O O  D

the thing asks you to describe too many things is defenitely IELTS~

  1. Is food important to you?

Yes, of course. I consider eating one of my hobbies. Food gives me pleasure especially when I share the food with my friends. It also helps me to reduce stress and stay calm with just a bar of chocolate or a cup of tea. Moreover, food with high nutrition can make me recover rapidly after a disease.

  1. What kind of food do you particularly like?

Being a vegetarian, I am particularly keen on vegetable and my favorite meal is salad. This type of food is absolutely healthy and delicious if you know the exact recipe to mix various types of vegetables together, with proper sauce. Vegetable also supports the digestive process after eating and contributes to a beautiful skin.

I am a meat lover. I can always tuck into a meal if the main dish is fried chicken, beef steak or roasted pork. Meat has such an attractive smell and flavor that I could not ignore. Beside fresh meat, this type of food can be processed into sausage, canned pate, frozen meat, bacon, salt junk, which make cooking become much simpler and time-saving, especially when I go camping. Since my uncle is a fisherman, I have various chances to enjoy fresh sea food and this is also the kind of food I have a huge passion for. Although it is quite difficult and time-consuming to process salmon, lobster or squid, a meal with these ingredients is worth waiting. In addition, seafood have high amount of protein, which can keep me away from hunger for a long time after eating.

  1. Is there any food you don’t like?

I don’t like sushi as I don’t feel safety to eat raw fish. However, this food is always presented so beautifully and carefully on plates that this encouraged me to give sushi a try one time. Not surprisingly, I suffered from a stomachache after that lunch and refuse to eat sushi the following time.

I could not eat durian. For me, this fruit’s smell is a true nightmare. Despite of its eye-catching color, durian make acnes appear on my face and it is not easy to remove its smell even just taking a bite. However, the dried durian tastes like snack with less original smell and I can it this type of durian all day.

  1. What type of food is much popular in Vietnam?

They are noodle and rice. Vietnamese people have the habit to eat noodle for breakfast and rice for lunch and dinner. In the countryside, families often eat up to three meals of rice a day, with 2 to 3 bowl of rice each meal. Because noodle and rice are both originated from rice plant and Vietnam is one of the largest rice exporter in the world. Some elderly people at the age of my grandparents don’t feel their stomach full without rice in the meal. It has become a tradition and daily habit indeed.

  1. Do you like cooking?

I love to cook for my family and my friends. I think cooking for a person is an interesting and creative way to show our love to that person. I enjoy spending hours in my kitchen to explore new recipe for the meal. Furthermore, there are a variety of ingredients exported to domestic market, giving more choice to customers and stimulate people to cook more at home. For me, I am deeply interested in learning to cook Western food from the internet.

Even I am a gourmet I have no interest in cooking. Instead, I prefer taking photos and enjoying the meals. Moreover, I don’t think that my clumsy hands can cook a complicated dish except, not mention a feast for all members in the family. I guess I will have to attend a cooking class before entering a marriage and live away from my parents or make enough money to hire a cook/ a helper. I don’t like cooking, honestly.

  1. Who usually does the cooking in your home?

All members in my family share the task of cooking whenever we have time. For example, my father makes breakfast, my mother is in charge of lunch and the diner is the responsibility of me and my brother. But when father goes on a business trip, the remaining three members will choose to eat out in a restaurant. And when both my parents are not at home, me and my brother will eat fast food as neither of us can order the other to do the cooking.

Always my mother. My father always watches TV, reads newpapers or surfs his facebook while my mother does the cooking. He believes this is not his duty and my little brother, affected by his daddy, refuses to help mother even he demands he to give her a hand. My mother can only make her voice weighty to me and yes, I am the only one stay in the kitchen with a spoon and a pan with my mother.

7. Describe a healthy diet

Following a healthy diet means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Food with high calories such as sugar, soft drinks, cream should be avoided or consumed with moderation. Those containing medium calories namely fatty meat, cheese, sausage should be eaten regularly, especially during children and teenage years. And for vegetable, we are allowed to go ahead and eat lots of them. This type of food is the must-have one in every meal and it can be eaten together with meat to balance the diet.

8. Vegetarians in Vietnam.

9. Why people choose to be vegetarian?

Vietnamese people have adopted the habit of eating vegetables only in recent years. As a result, there are only a small number of Vietnamese vegetarians. Most of these people choose to eat meat to stay healthy as vegetable contains high amount of fiber and can easily be planted at home. It stimulates digestive process and promotes a fair skin. Moreover, people are more aware that the meat nowadays sometimes is polluted/ not fresh or originated from incredible sources. These kinds of meat can cause gout, hear diseases or food poisoning. The other Vietnamese vegetarians are Buddhists. They refuse to eat meat because of their religion. In addition, being influenced by Western culture in films, on the internet, or by the expatriates living in Vietnam, Vietnamese citizens also try to eat vegetarian meals and avoid killing and eating the meat of their beloved animals.

10. Food Vietnamese eat nowadays and in the past.

The food Vietnamese eat today is a much higher level compared with what we used to eat in the past. 30 years ago, Vietnamese only ate the meat and vegetables they could raise or plan at home or hunt or collect in the near forests or rivers. With the development of technology, boats can go far from the mainland to catching various types of seafood. Similarly, with new techniques and advanced kitchen tools, chefs can cook new types of food which were unable to process before. As the living standard is improved, cuisine has become an essential part in the daily life of the middle and upper class. With more and more new recipes and ingredients in international markets, people eat not only to keep their belly full but also to enjoy the flavor of food and express their lifestyle through the food they consume. In addition, people eat food nowadays with much more considerations of the food’s nutrition and their contribution to health.

11. The things we eat will change the future

Our habit of eating will definitely change the future of food industry. On one hand, since people want to eat their favorite dishes around the year, producers will try even more to plant all types of fruits and vegetables regardless of their season to meet the high demand of customers. Scientists will experiment new types of gene to make the cattle and poultry more productive. On the other hand, consumers nowadays pay more attention to the origin of the food they eat, ranging from the farm where the food is planted/ raised to the amount of pesticide used, manufacturing process in the factory and the price it is sold compared to the same type of food in other markets. Consequently, food production will be more transparent with reasonable price to gain the trust of buyers. Furthermore, as the population keeps going up, people may invent a new kind of food with small amount but able to keep us from hunger for a longtime.

12. American-style fast food

Fast food is particularly popular with the youth in Vietnam. A large number of fast food shops have appeared in every corner of urban streets in the past 7 years. Brands such as KFC, Mc Donald or Lotteria are familiar to Vietnamese in films or on the internet and people take to fried chicken, chips and cocacola as quickly as they adopt a new culture. All junk food shops are equipped with wifi, have good view, flavored food and nice interior, which attract students after school, couples at weekends and workers in the early morning for a cup of coffee and a hamburger. However, the regular consumption of junk food is not a good option. It can be convenient and time-saving, but it is not healthy at the same time. Junk food have many oil, fatty meat and gas as it is often fried with less vegetable included. It can result to obesity in children and cause addiction in adolescence. Therefore, we would be better off not without too much fast food stores.

It was the birthday of my grandmother and she hoped to taste a food that she had never eaten before. As a result, we booked a table for 12 people at a Korean restaurant to eat Bibimbap, which can be called rolling rice aka cơm trộn. It is the mixture of rice, sauce and various ingredients. The highlight of this meal is the chilly sauce named “Gochujang”, which is a specialities of Korea. The sauce really brought an outstanding taste for Bibimbap. The food was presented in a hot and small pot, with a thick layer of hot rice covered with colorful ingredients including mushrooms, carrots, eggs, bean sprouts, beets, fried beef and vegetables. It was the beef that stimulated the taste and make us finished the pot quickly while it was still hot. Among all the food, the children of my family were too addicted to Bibimbap that we had to order another pot. The rice was burnt at the bottom of the pot and as such, it revealed an appealing smell. In addition, the recipe of Bibimbap is quite simple, with an appropriate sauce that can be bought easily in the supermarket. However, my grandmother didn’t want to have this dish again, even home-made. When being asked about the reason, she replied that she had been eating rice for her 50 years and consequently this was not a new type of food. Moreover, although the dish seemed to be attractive at first, when being mixed with the sauce, the whole things looked like dog’s food.


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