beyond description 2

M O  B I L E   P H O N E

the thing asks you to describe too many things is defenitely IELTS~

As we all know, mobile phone has become an indispensable part in our modern life and we couldn’t live without it for a day or even in several hours. But in the last holiday, I experienced a situation in which mobile phone is totally ban in three days. It was a trip to the pagoda in the mountain in which the attendants must give up their smart phones during the journey of “nature discovery and mind refreshing”. At the invitation of my two best friends, I agreed to join this special trip and it took me by surprise that most members in this trip were young people busy with their daily work and study and therefore hoping for a break. I was not too pressed by my study at university at that time and I became a part of the trip just because of my curiosity.

On the first day, life without mobile phone was a tortuous experience to me. I couldn’t check my email or facebook in the morning nor contact to my parents at. We went mountain hiking in the early morning and while seeing many splendid and gorgeous scenery, I had nothing with me to take some photo shoots. It was a little annoying to hear the monk kept reminding people to “capture this divine beauty in your heart” as I couldn’t catch the ideas and inspirations in his words. However, on the second day, things happened more comfortably to me as I finally learnt how to put my mobile phone and my emails aside. With a little help of my friends, I understood that looking at things with my bare eyes was more wonderful than seeing trees and mountains through the phone’s camera. Instead of checking my phone, I did some exercises and cooked the breakfast with all members in the morning. We spent lots of time to share our stories and practice mediation.

Three days without smart phone turned out to be a memorable experience.

  1. Do you like having a mobile phone?

I love possessing a smart phone and I have changed my phone 3 times since my entrance to the university. Using smart phone is a way to prove ourselves and express our own style and it is also a useful tool in my study. Being an amateur photographer, a smart phone is such a convenient mini camera with various applications to edit and retouch photos and thus I use my phone quite often when hanging out with my buddies.

  1. Mobile phone? Good or bad?

From my point of view, mobile phone is absolutely a good thing. A smart phone connected to the internet keeps us updated to what happens around us and in the world. Just a few key words and a simple tap to the screen and we can search for almost all information we want. Moreover, mobile phone is a concrete evidence of modernity in our society. Without this invention, we can never communicate to each other from miles away. I think mobile phone only becomes a bad thing when users abuse it with their eyes glued to the screen all the time.

  1. Old and young users?

The old and the young people use mobile phone in a completely different way. While the elderly use mobile phone to make a call most of the time and send some messages a few times, their children use mobile phone to log in their twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, youtube, gmail and so on. A teenager mobile phone must be smart phone with internet while old people are only in need of a phone with buttons, strong battery and easy to use.

  1. To avoid children become inattentive in class.

I think I will try to tell a story or hold a warm up game to attract their attention at the beginning of the class and then I would like to into groups and throw them a topic for discussion. With different groups, teacher can check their pupils more easily. Moreover, I have read an article suggesting that if pupils make noise and not pay attention to the lessons, a teacher can make them silent and listen to him/ or her by suddenly turn off the light or speak out loud the name of a famous people such as singer or footballer.

  1. Translation application makes learning foreign language unnecessary?

Absolutely no. Translation Application is just a tool of assistance in learning foreign language. In order to communicate in a foreign language and use that language at work, we have to master the language and can use it without much help from translation application.

  1. Using map or asking people for directions?

I prefer using google map to check my route before leaving home to avoid get lost. The GPS and satellite map enable me to find the exact location with time calculation and suggestion of different routes. I also try to avoid disturbing or interrupting people on the street. However, in case my phone is not with me, I don’t mind asking people for help and I am sure they will be willing to show me the direction.


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